Edited on July 23, 2020

Digital Presence During COVID-19

Having a digital presence during COVID-19 is more important than ever before. This is because a lot of companies are moving to online storefronts. With that, a lot of shoppers are moving to online shopping! Nobody knows what the new “normal” is going to be in the future. However, with the increase of online shopping, there may not be a decrease anytime soon.

With that, let’s dive into why it is important to have a digital presence during COVID-19.

Why You Need an Omni-Channel Experience 

With consumers stuck inside, it’s more important than ever to transition your in-store services and products online. Businesses historically reliant on in-person shopping have no choice but to translate their offerings online. While these investments can be costly, they are necessary and force all businesses to consider their multi-channel operations in a very different shopping landscape. The current shut-down is temporary, but companies that invest now in digital solutions—and keep them going well after stores reopen—will be ahead of the curve.

Market Your Business through SEO

As e-commerce and digital service platforms become increasingly important, investing in digital solutions, like the right SEO campaign will help you to recruit new clients—resulting in more sales and higher profitability. With stores closed, brand outreach at an all-time high (via email and social media) and all customers interacting with your company online, only websites that are easy-to-use and captivating will stand out versus the competition. At PyBased, we can help you build a website that will take your online presence to the next level, with SEO in mind. 

Marketing Sales Funnel
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Other Marketing Channels that Work Well with SEO

As consumer behavior is rapidly evolving, a website that clearly presents your mission and highlights your products and services in an effective way is necessary for you to grow, but creating an impactful marketing strategy is also a key ingredient for success. As consumers move away from traditional channels, like TV, radio and print, finding digital outlets to advertise your business will help you to widen your audience in less time. Pay-per-click is the ideal paid advertising strategy as you continue to market yourself online, giving you more flexibility around your advertising strategy. Learn what PPC can do for you here and how PyBased can help you to create a PPC strategy to drive traffic to your website and better target your audience. 

It is important to boost your digital presence, especially during current times. Please contact us if you would like a free website audit for your current or developing website! We offer web and marketing services.

If you would like, use our Free SEO Audit Tool below!

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