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Hosting & Management

Hosting & Management

Hosting & Management

With PyBased hosting and management, you can rest easy knowing your product will always be running with up-to-date software and security. Save time and money while ensuring that you are always ready for business by subscribing to our professional hosting & management services. Your application will be backed up, continuously monitored for security and downtime events, and we will keep all of your software updated and secured. Gone are the days of worrying about disastrous events with our cloud-based hosting; free from natural disasters, free from downtime.

What is an Application?

PyBased defines an application as the following:
  • Website
  • Mobile Application
  • Database server
  • Anything reachable over the internet that does a service

How do you prevent downtime?

PyBased prevents downtime by having concurrent servers running to balance loads, if necessary. What we mean by this, is if you have 50k customers connecting to your application daily, the load would be balanced between multiple servers. 50k customers don’t end up connecting to the same server at each time, instead having the number of customers connecting to each server splitting up between the available servers, or, concurrently running servers. A basic example of this would be having 2 servers running the exact same service, and 25k customers reaching server 1, while the other 25k customers reach server 2. Customers reaching either server see the exact same thing, never knowing which actual server they are reaching. This is a 100% back-end service and is never realized by the customer, which is exactly what we want.

Why would I want you managing my application?

Your online application lives on the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is full of users who want to steal, spam, or break products. All this leads to interruptions in your services, as well as the potential for lost revenue. Remember Amazon’s 1 hour of downtime? This cost them upwards of $100 million. Or how about the Capital One Data Breach? This one resulted in ~106 million customer’s personal information being leaked. These are extreme scenarios, but very real ones at that. Protect yourself now with always up-to-date security and monitoring.

But can’t I just host and manage my own services?

Sure! We are not here to bully you into siding with us. We encourage users to develop their own skills in order to be continually beneficial to their product/company. It is common for clients to think “oh, I can just place this product on a shared hosting server and let it run itself!” We get it. You want to save money and leave things to run autonomously without worry. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. If you’ve self-hosted before, here are some common problems you may run into if you haven’t already:
  • Slow connection
  • Downtime
  • Outdated software
  • Outdated security
  • Unclear security policies
  • Server sharing with other customers
  • No backups
  • Etc.
At PyBased, each client gets their own, private virtual server. You are the only one running on that server and have the freedom to do as you please, with the ability to sleep easy at night knowing your server is being monitored 24/7.

Okay, I am sold. So you are hosting my application, but a disaster happens and I lose my application. Now what?

Have no fear, PyBased is here! When your applications are hosted and managed with us, we always keep a DRS (Disaster Ready Server) up-to-date and ready to be deployed in as little as 1 hour! If you opt-in to this service, you will be charged a one-time fee at the start of your contract. If not, your charge will instead be the hourly rate of service, possibly spanning multiple hours in the event of a real disaster. Think of DRS as renter’s insurance; I didn’t think I needed it, but sure wish I had it now that something happened.

Modern Technologies

Our team utilizes a mix of open-sourced and licensed tools, constantly evolving our skills with the needs of the market.

Here at PyBased, we raise expectations in the world of development.

Products are developed following the highest standards in the industry. Only the best tools are used and trusted in our development process.

From mobile applications, to websites, each new product is created to spec. 

We don’t allow the competition to get ahead of you. You become what the competition chases.

How do I begin?

Let’s brainstorm with a free proposal