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The Signature Society - An Upscale Secret Society

New York

Our Approach

Using Google Analytics, WordPress, and MailChimp, we wanted to create an environment for potential members to learn about this society. Our design would give some information on what such a society entails, but wouldn’t give too much away. It’s still a secret after all.

Using WordPress, we designed a layout and backend that would make it easy to continue adding and creating once more content became available. MailChimp helped with integrating forms and CTA templates in order to draw more users to signup for newsletters about events.

Google Analytics helped us track and focus our attack plan when trying to reach new groups of potential members.

Busy worker


Although the society they developed is a secret, there was still a need for people to know about it. Just knowing didn’t get you in, but we wanted to put notice on people’s front doors.


The Signature Society, LLC

Services Provided

Website Design, Cloud Services, Re-Branding, Analytics, Reporting, Mailing List Integration