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Wabi Clean Team

Our Approach

Wabi Clean needed the works. Payment processing, hiring process, profiles, emailing, marketing, you name it. We decided to go with building their platform from the ground up, and it turned out to be the right idea.

We implemented an in-house solution for hiring new contractors and streamlining the approval process. We gave potential customers an easy way to order services and have contractors in the area pinged to make sure someone was always covering new and existing clients.

With digital marketing strategies, we grew their customer base 319% and increased their team by 40 within the first 3 months. 

Wabi Clean Meeting


How do you bring on-demand commercial cleaning to one of the biggest cities in the US? You make a navigable platform for contractors and customers alike.

We needed to find a way to streamline hiring contractors and give customers an easy platform for cleaning ordering.


Wabi Clean, LLC.

Services Provided

Website Design, Branding, Databasing, Payment Processing, Contractor Application Processing