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ZoneIn - Campaigning for Affordable Housing

ZoneIn Affordable Housing

Our Approach

We decided to create a temporary location for political figures and citizens alike to see what was going on in their city. We integrated a live schedule with Google Calendars in order to update the public on meeting location and times. With that, we allowed for live photos being taken to be instantly shared and shown on the same page.

With a long-form webpage showcasing a day’s activities with itinerary packets available for download, the public was informed on the city’s involvement in a serious issue.


ZoneIn wanted to bring awareness to the affordable housing crisis in NYC. We decided to create a showcase for political figures to view live updates and an itinerary for touring. Having a live schedule and updated photos of the city tour were essential.


ZoneIn, LLC

Services Provided

Website Design, Live Photo Feed

This site is no longer active